In accordance with the disclosure requirements of the Provision of Services Regulations 2009 and the Companies Act 2006:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Our professional indemnity insurer is Hiscox Insurance Company Limited of 1 Great St Helen's, London, EC3 6HX. The territorial coverage is worldwide excluding professional business carried out from an office in the United States of America or Canada and excludes any action for a claim brought in any court in the United States of America or Canada.

Fee Protection Insurance

This insurance policy covers the cost of accountancy fees in the event that a client's tax affairs are selected for investigation. We offer a fee protection insurance scheme in which clients decide whether to take up the insurance, but it is not compulsory for clients to join.  For clients that do not join, the cost of a tax enquiry would be in addition to our usual fee.

Companies Act 2006 disclosures

Registered Office 14 Sunnybank Crescent, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7TE

Registered in England and Wales, Company Registration Number 5924498